TIA-942 Certification

Types of TIA Certifications

Design Compliance Certification

This certification process involves assessment of design documents of the Data Center under consideration for compliance with the latest version of the TIA standard – TIA-942-B. It is undertaken right from the initial planning stage of a Data Center project. This helps the project owner in ensuring that all the requirements of the intended Rating of the standard are considered at the design and drawing stage itself.

Even though Design Compliance certification is not mandatory before obtaining a build certificate, it is strongly recommended to consider it. Experience has shown that attempting to obtain a build certificate directly after the project completion could result in re-work, causing project delay and incurring additional expenditure to correct nonconformities. In some cases, nonconformities may not be correctable at all.

Design Compliance Certificate is valid for a period of one year.

Constructed Facility Compliance Certification

For a facility which has obtained Design Compliance Certificate in the planning stage, this certification process is simpler. It involves site verification of design implementation, testing and commissioning documents and operational status.

For a ready facility that is opting for Constructed Facility Compliance Certificate directly, this certification process involves assessment of design documents followed by site verification of design implementation, testing and commissioning documents and operational status.

Constructed Facility Compliance Certificate is valid for three years subject to yearly surveillance audits.


At the end of each three-year validity period of Constructed Facility Compliance Certificate, the facility would be due for recertification. The recertification process would involve complete review of design documents and site verification as done during the Constructed Facility Compliance Certification process.

Product / Subsystem Certification

This certification is intended for Product / Subsystem like racks, container-based server rooms, edge Data Center equipment/products, etc. Any product thus certified shall be easier to choose for the end-user as they are already assessed and authenticated by an accredited body. However, such certifications shall be restricted to the equipment and systems within the modules and shall not relate to the equipment, environment in which such products are installed.

For example, if an in-row based container is certified for conformance with TIA-942 standard, the equipment within the container such as racks, cooling modules, electrical system shall be assessed and certified for conformity. But the other Data Center facility support systems along with which such container is installed will have to be assessed separately. However, the user can rest assured that the container already meets the chosen TIA Rating.

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