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What is ANSI/TIA-942 Certification?
TIA is an association of American Telecommunications Industry. As an accredited Standard Development Organization (SDO) of ANSI (American National Standards Institute), TIA has developed and published Data Center standard called TIA-942 since 2005, TIA-942-B being its latest version. This is a globally respected and accepted standard for Data Centers. Entities accredited by TIA audit and certify Data Center facilities for conformity to these standards.
Why should I opt for TIA-942 certification?
As mentioned earlier, TIA-942 is a globally recognised standard. Any facility certified to be compliant to this standard would be meeting the global benchmark requirements. The owners and the end-users of such certified facilities will have confidence of meeting the minimum internationally accepted practices. Some of the end-users make this certification as a mandatory eligibility criterion for selection.
When should I opt for TIA certification?
It is advisable to opt for the certification process when your Data Center project is at the design stage because any noncompliance found at a later stage may result in re-work, delay in project completion and unnecessary expenditure. However, existing/operating Data Centers can go for build certificate directly.
Can the TIA-942 certificates be verified?
Yes, of course. Data Center Media LLP has been licensed by TIA to audit and certify Data Center facilities worldwide for TIA-942 compliance. All the certificates issued by Data Center Media LLP will be listed on the official TIA website at for verification.
How long does it take to get my Data Center certified?
If all the relevant information and documents are available for audit, it should not take more than 4 to 6 weeks to get certified.
What are the documents and information required for TIA certification?
Data Center Media representative will share the list of documents required for audit after you register for certification.
Will my Data Center be able to get the Rating that it is designed for?
The Rating awarded to any Data Center facility will depend upon its compliance to TIA standard, and the same will be assessed during the audit. Therefore, there is no way to assure at the beginning of the audit as to which Rating can be awarded.
Why should I get my Data Center re-certified after 3 years?

As we know, with time we add more equipment and racks in our Data Centers. We may even replace or upgrade some systems with latest technology equipment. Few changes to the original plan may also be done to meet the changing requirements. Recertification will help in ensuring that these changes do not lead to noncompliance to TIA standard.

In fact, this is the reason why annual surveillance audits are mandated even within the three-year validity period of the certificate.

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